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Your Best Source of Classic and Retro Computers
Amiga, Apple, Atari, Commodore, NeXT, and others

We adore old computers, we collect them and cherish them. And sometimes we sell some of them from our collection.

We started acquiring and collecting computers since the Atari 2600 VCS. After we bought an Atari 600XL, followed by the great Commodore 128. The obvious next step was the Amiga computer, and we acquired one A2000 complete with a Commodore 1084S monitor. That is how we started in the 1980s.

Now we keep 2 places where we store our treasures in safety and constant temperature and humidity 24x7. It requires a lot of resources, but we can all agree that it is worth it!

We started our first Ebay shop in 2008. Since then, we built a solid reputation as a high-quality, trustworthy vendor, with 1679 positive feedbacks! In 2019, we transfered our shop from Ebay UK to Ebay USA, in order to streamline the postage cost tables and other improvements. Check it for yourself, and enjoy our brand new shop here here:

We love our computers, and we make sure you will receive them the same way as we have them here. So we pack using the safest combination of materials to ensure a safe trip. We know these are treasures, so we treat them like that.

If you don't find an item you need here or in our Ebay shop, feel free to contact us. You might get even a special price. Our contact e-mail is:

Last but not least, we have the BIG GOAL of creating one of the coolest Vintage Computer Museums in Central-Eastern Europe!  The project is now under construction, but please come back soon to support us with funds or equipment donation, here:

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